La Ruta del Maguey

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Two Person Minimum

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We will begin this adventure with a picturesque drive through the valley of Tlacolula to a pulque agave plantation. Here will will enjoy a lovely breakfast and begin our bike ride through La Ruta del Maguey (the Route of the Agave). This route will take us through the beautiful agave fields and quaint pueblos along the central ridge of the valley. We will visit the towns of Matatlan , San Lucas Quiavini, and San Bartolome Quialana. The artisans of San Bartolome Quialana are famous for their beautiful hand sewn traditional outfits and San Marcos Tlapazola is know for its red pottery made only by women artisans from this locality. A homemade lunch will be enjoyed in Tlapazola, and we will end with a nice down-hill ride to the town of San Juan Guelavia, which is famous for its basket weaving.

This one-of-a-kind adventure allows you to experience the scenic the Valley of Tlacolula by bike!