The Mezcal Tradition: Plantation Tour and Tasting

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Our day begins with a scenic drive to the town of Santa Catarina Minas where we will enjoy a hearty breakfast and start our adventure. First, we will visit the property of a local family who has been producing mezcal for generations. Here, you will have an opportunity to see the original distillation process, using clay pots, and learn about the various techniques used to produce mezcal. In addition, we will be given a tour of the plantation and see the various types of agave that are unique to Oaxaca. Next, we will visit the town of San Baltazar Chichicapam. In this town, we will have lunch at a local residence and visit additional mezcal makers, each using different distillation methods. On this adventure, you will develop a deep understanding of this culture-rich spirit and have many opportunities to taste the different varieties of mezcal!

Take a private tour of a Mezcal plantation to see how the agave is grown, harvested, and Mezcal is produced using traditional, organic methods in this off-the-beaten-path mezcal tour of one of Oaxaca’s most famous commodities!