The Caves of the Southern Sierra

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Two Person Minimum

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We leave Oaxaca City at 7AM and enjoy a local breakfast on the way to San Sebastian de las Grutas. Our first adventure upon arrival is to explore the amazing caverns in this picturesque mountain town of the Southern Sierra.

Our local guide will take us on an adventure through the numerous chambers of this amazing system of caves. The natural limestone formations began their fossilization process over 50 million years ago on the floor of the sea and today you have the opportunity to witness this natural phenomenon. As we explore, our guide will explain the geology of the caves and you will learn the history of the indigenous ancestors and of the rituals performed at this sacred site.

There is also an (optional) opportunity to repel ~50 feet (15 meters) and explore an underground river.

Following this amazing adventure, we will enjoy a homemade local lunch and head into the pueblo. In the town of San Sebastian de las Grutas, we will visit a local artisan family to see the weaving process and wood carving. We will then visit a local mescal maker to learn the distillation process of the local agaves (Tobala and Arroqueño – wild agaves not found around Oaxaca City). If you desire, there will be tasting opportunities before heading back to Oaxaca City.

Join us on an amazing hike to explore the caves of the southern sierra and the picturesque views in the mountain town of San Sebastian de las Grutas.